ricky joshua

Ricky is an entrepreneur & mentor from London, who has used adversity and difficult situations in his early life to become the unstoppable force he is today.

As a young black male growing up in urban inner-city London, Ricky faced vast challenges around crime and drugs and subsequently served a prison sentence in his early twenties.

During his time spent inside Ricky chose to spend his time productively with his head deeply buried in his first self-development books ‘The Secret’ & ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ where he quickly became interested in business, entrepreneurship, and self-development. This new-found enthusiasm helped him re-condition his mindset for success on the outside world. 

His first job when leaving prison was a refuse loader working for the bare minimum wage where Ricky showed determination to stay on the straight & narrow and successfully later returned to youth work where he uses his past experience to engage with the youth in similar situations. 

Since then, Ricky has worked with reputable charities & local authorities, and is now Founder of a sports management company and successful mentor delivering training & motivational speaking to empower all young people and educate adults dealing with troubled kids. 

One of Ricky’s highlights was that he had the privilege to have been asked to feature as a guest speaker on BBC Radio4 – Live London Show alongside Dame Glenys Stacey (HM Chief Inspector of Probation) to discuss the impact of social media on youth culture and the role its played in the current spike in youth violence. An experience he will never forget!

Ricky’s goal is now to deliver inspirational & motivational workshops to teach young people all of the key skills he wishes he had been taught earlier in life.